I’m sick of it. Over the past 15 years I’ve written umpteen articles on rosé, and all of them have been wrong. In every one of them I’ve said that rosé is great and while it’s not a huge trend, it’s about to be. Stay tuned. A rosé revolution is imminent. We’re all about to drown in pink. That kind of thing.

But it’s never happened.

Worse, I never drink the stuff myself either. I taste it, for my job, and I love a good many of the rosés I try. But I never order them, by the glass or by the bottle, and never shell out my hard earned. I’m a hypocrite.

I’m in good company – in Australia at least. 12% of wine consumed in the UK is rosé. 12% of wine consumed in the US is rosé. But only 1% of wine consumed in Australia is rosé.

“Every trend in wine today,” says Nicholas Crampton of the influential wine company Fourth Wave Wine, “points to the idea that rosé has been slow to happen in Australia, but when it does take off, it will stick, and it will be huge.”

Which is why of course I’ve been rosé’s faux champion over the years. Rosé is the ultimate all-rounder. It suits white drinkers, and it suits red drinkers. You can drink it with seafood, with chicken, with grilled beef, with just about anything. You can serve it chilled, or at room temperature; it’s therefore great in summer, in winter, in- between, in the afternoon or of the evening. It’s not too heavy, but it’s not too light either. It can be both sweet or savoury or a mix of both. It can be everything and anything. It’s also affordably priced, most of the time. 

As a matter of fact, I’d like a glass now.

Blast it. There I go. I’ve convinced myself again. Rosé. It’s awesome. We should all be drinking it. Summer, autumn, now. And when we do, we should be jumping at these pearlers – download the Wineosphere app for free to access full reviews of:

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