Red Wine Gift Guide 

Buying wine as a gift is entirely different to buying wine for yourself. It has to impress. And it has to suit the person. There is of course the perfect wine for all types. 

The safe bet

Yangarra Ironheart Shiraz 2012. $100.

Magnificent wine. Bold. Captures your attention. Will be hard to track down but not impossible. It’s a tremendous wine. For sheer quality it’s a no brainer.

The Big On Kudos bet

Serrat Shiraz Viognier 2014. Yarra Valley. 

This won a big award recently. The day after the award was given, the winery received 5000 emails from customers wanting to buy it. It started life as a $40 per bottle but has sold for as much as $350 per bottle at auction. It’s rare. It’s beautiful. Instant respect – if you can find it.

The Left Field bet

Glaetzer Dixon Mon Pere Shiraz 2013. $50.

Tasmania doesn't grow shiraz. Except for this one. And it's wildly good. But it's of a style that makes you stop and think. Would depend on the individual. Personally I think this is the best Australian shiraz I've tasted this year – but it's a risky choice. Do you dare?

The Mainstream Winner

Wynns Coonawarra Estate Michael Shiraz 2012. $150.

You'll find it for much less than $150. But it's widely available and really, really good. Wynns has long been a red wine champion, everyone knows and recognises them – which can either be a positive or a negative, depending on the person – but the latest releases are generally pretty super.

The Bruiser

Torbreck The Steading 2012. $42.

Know someone who loves a bourbon and coke but wants to love wine? This is your baby. It’s big and muscular and sweet with complex fruit. They’ll love it.

The Last Minute

Left it all too late but the thought of choosing something from the bottlo is way too daunting? 


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