Australia’s fine dining trend continues unabated and it’s driving the increased consumption of wine, most notably in the female 18 to 39 market. (Source: IBISWorld Liquor Retailing in Australia)

But it’s not just fine dining that’s driving the increase in consumption – women in this age group are also turning to Apps to help improve their wine choice and much more.  Apps such as Wineosphere that focus on independent wine reviews are proving to be a popular choice. The App allows users to search for wines, read interesting and relevant reviews, and even see what wine matches best with a food choice or restaurant type.

Perhaps, most important is the social factor.

Wineosphere allows the share-ability of wine experiences. Simply, click, point, and snap the barcode and you can show your friends what you are drinking and your thoughts on the wine. Or, users can follow events or interesting people in their area to see what they are drinking and where they go.

These Apps then become personal journals of wines, detailing what users like, their favourite restaurants and more.

They also provide the ability to see where they can buy their wines in-store or online for the best prices, even link them straight to an online retailer to make the purchase. That way when they’re not out fine dining they can enjoy the same wine, delivered to their home at a great price.

It’s a trend that shows no sign of slowing down as Australian women’s love of being social, wine, technology just continues to grow.