How and Why to Smell Your Wine

Want to Smell Wine like a Snob?

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Posted by The Wineosphere on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

No doubt you've seen people smell wine like a snob. Ever wonder how to do it?  Theres definitely a trick to it. If you want to look like an expert, watch the video or read on.

You might be asking, why do I need to smell wine? We argue this is a vital precursor to drinking it. Everything you experience when you take a sip and sniff of your wine is a calculated decision. The many techniques employed to make the contents of your glass more refined and more complex deserve your attention.

Now that youre convinced that smelling wine is a necessary step, let us tell you how. You want to begin by swirling the wine around the glass a little bit. Pinch the stem of the glass, or lightly hold it in between your fingers. This aerates the wine, allowing oxygen to release more flavor compounds.

Bring your glass up to your nose as comfortably as possible. Take a big breath, and try keeping your mouth open to heighten your sense of smell. Have a think, let the smell of the wine take you on a journey. With a bit of practice youll start to recognise those scents as displaying certain characteristics of the wine whether it be stone fruits... or an old pair of gym socks.

When you finally take a sip, try to connect what you smelt to what you taste. Most importantly, enjoy your newfound ability to smell wine like a snob. And if you want to crosscheck your nose with ours, simply open up Wineosphere, scan the barcode of your wine and compare notes. Easy! 

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